Jaisalmer Desert Festival: A Celebration in the Sands

The Jaisalmer Desert Festival or Maru Mahotsav celebrated every year has come a long way. From being a royal revelry it has become a vibrant celebration of the community in the desert state today. With extravagant folk performances and the enthralling camel races, Maru Mahotsav, Jaisalmer's renowned festival, is not just about bedecked camel processions or a party under the stars. It is enriched with history and cultural significance to the people of Rajasthan, a celebration of the rugged land amidst the Sam Dunes in the Thar. 

An Immersive Experience: A Glimpse into Jaisalmer's Culture

The three-day celebration of the Jaisalmer Desert Festival is a highlight for tourists seeking to experience the region's culture in a short span. With activities ranging from a unique moustache competition to folk dances, camel processions, puppet shows and turban tying, the festival showcases the diverse traditions of Jaisalmer. The evenings are particularly magical, with folk dancers and fire performers captivating audiences under the starlit sky.


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For Your Information: A Royal Gala Turned Public Festivity

The origins of the Jaisalmer Desert Festival are believed to trace back to a royal gala that eventually expanded to include all social classes. Kicking off in the city and extending to the Sam Dunes, located around 42km from Jaisalmer, the festival offers various desert adventures such as camel rides and jeep safaris. Visitors can rest assured of their safety and convenience, with facilities like credit/debit card acceptance at stalls and access to medical services.


Other Activities: Exploring Jaisalmer Beyond the Festival

While the Desert Festival is a major attraction, Jaisalmer has much more to offer. Tourists can explore the golden Jaisalmer Fort, shop for souvenirs, visit the Jain temples, and admire the architecture of Patwa Haveli. After a day of exploration, indulge in local delicacies like thandai or lassi, and treat yourself to sweet delights like ghevar in the market.


Jaisalmer Fort

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